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iUGO Care is initially founded as CareKit Health at Hacking Health Hamilton, 
is a cross-platform solution that leverages smart devices to connect patients with their physicians and supporters.
Our goal was to reduce hospital readmissions and help chronic disease patients live their best lives
through education, communication, and personalized care plans.
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We were presented with the opportunity to help overwhelmed clinics in remote communities
handle increasing numbers of patients with chronic conditions.
There are two primary components of this platform: a clinician dashboard and a patient application

With this premise, we started a list of questions and hit the ground running.
My team and I published an article to illustrate our UX journey on
Building A Consumer-Facing Medical App to Support Remote Patient Care.

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The "UX Planet" button below will take you to the full article, enjoy it!
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Director of Product  |  Ed Prinsen
Product Design Lead  |  Maggie Wang
Product Designers  | 
Mihaela Kandeva​​​​​​​ . Ziwei Wang​​​​​​​
Service Designer  |  Andrew Fung
User Researcher (Contract)  |  Gus Waller
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