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Metro Vancouver has been actively encouraging people to use bikes instead of cars to help achieve its 2040
transportation goals since 2010. My research shows most Vancouverite can see the benefits of cycling, both for their health, 
and for the environment. However, based on my "cyclist on the street" interview and some quantitative research, 
many people are still hesitant to ride a bike for different reasons.​​​​​​​
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Validating these findings with the reports and the interview results from the city infrastructure departments
and the local cycling organizations.

Interview Data Analysis, System Map, User Journey, Mental Model from Design Thinking Process

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The main goal of this project was to improve the urban cycling experience in Metro Vancouver by offering cyclists a convenient platform
for planning ideal cycling routes, finding secure bike parking and providing the most up-to-date cycling information. 
The idea was to create more cyclists and safer cycling. My challenge was not only to create a user-friendly app that
encouraged people to get on their bikes, but also to design it so that they would keep using the tool as
they grew more confident about riding a bike.

Conducting A/B testing and having my target audience to try out the prototype - collecting their feedback,
and making changes were all key to make this product useful and impactful.

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For this project, I wanted to create a bright and cheerful personality to engage more recreational cyclists. Most cyclists associate the colour green with GPS, which makes it easier for them to navigate as a glance on a screen. Yellow is associated with road markings, it also represents the dynamic moment with joy.​​​​​​​
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"Improving the urban cycling experience in Metro Vancouver" Bikeit is a mobile application that
helps cyclists plan their routes, find secure bike parking, and keep up with community events and news.
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Special Thanks to
City of Richmond
City of Surrey
City of Vancouver
HUB Cycling
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Momentum Magazine Ltd.
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